Do not seek comfort instead, seek challenge;
comfort leads to complacency,
but challenge leads to growth!

-Sasha Simmons

Sasha is the kind of motivational speaker who brings down the house. She has you crying one minute, laughing the next. She’s spoken at several large events at the University of North Florida and certainly knows how to deliver a message that is both emotional and impactful. I highly recommend her.

– Sharon A., Vice President for Public Relations, University of North Florida

Your message on Friday, at the Women’s Conference has catapulted me into action. These last few weeks have been filled with messages of movement for me. Messages that tell me, I can be farther than I am mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, even financially; if only. If only I would move. You said in your speech ‘No one is responsible for your life, but you.’ How true that statement is! No more blaming my childhood or addictions or circumstances. The outcome of MY life is heavily dependent on what I decide to do with it and I am deciding I want a lot more than what I have. You said ‘There is something in your life that will propel you.’ Thank you for being a part of that propelling force. May God bless you to achieve every dream and vision your heart conceives.
– Kenesha E. Curry

Thank you ever so much for contributing your authentic self to all of us. You must know that I have received so much positive feedback on your talk. You moved people, inspired them and gave them hope…this is all SO important. I am glad that we are on the W team together…we need to bring these messages and opportunities to young girls as well and so I look forward to our mission moving forward.

– Donna Orender, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Generation W

Sasha is totally energizing and inspires you to follow your dreams.  She helps you to think beyond what seems possible.

Pam Chally, PhD, RN, Dean Brooks College of Health, University of North Florida

I recently had the opportunity to hear Sasha speak at the Generation W women’s conference. It was my third time attending the conference. I was truly inspired and captivated by Sasha’s story and journey. Her honesty and delivery was one of the best speakers that I have seen at GenW.

I enjoyed her talk so much that I hope to have her speak at the Judson Women’s Leadership Conference in 2016 especially because our audience is young and I think all young people need to her message and the lesson of perseverance. I hope that Sasha is able to reach many many young people in years to come.

– Jackie Cannizzo, Executive Director, JCI Foundation

Sasha is passionate about life and it shows in her positive energy! She is a go-getter and determined young woman. Her life story will leave you in awe of her accomplishments..

– LaRonda Howard, Assistant Project Director, Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition

Sasha is a phenomenal speaker! I couldn’t help but feel a surge of emotion and motivation as she shared her personal story and everything she’s overcome. She really knows how to inspire a crowd, and by the end of her speech, I truly felt like I could do anything I put my mind to. She validated that my goals aren’t too lofty or unrealistic, and that with enough trust, focus, and motivation, I can create the life I want. She made me feel like I could take on the world!


– Kristen Walker, Co-Founder and Life Coach for Millennials, Clarity on Fire

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