Greatness is not an accidental occurrence…
it’s attained by a series of deliberate movements,
thoughtful planning and daring actions.

-Sasha Simmons

Unlock Your Life: See it, Want it, Get it!


Sasha’s mantra is that anyone can achieve anything, it is simply a matter of how “bad” they want it! To prove this, she shares her story of how she transformed her life from oppression to freedom and from the projects of Duval County to Penthouses of New York City. She provides fundamental strategies and steps that are necessary to control and create the life you want!

The Power of Imagination:


It was Albert Einstein who said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” This keynote with Sasha is an experience of how one can use the most powerful tool they are given–THE MIND, to create a life based on their thought and imaginations. It has been said that everything that is created is first a thought, a seed that is imagined by someone and brought to life through actions and diligence. Learn how to take your thoughts from an idea to a product and/or service.

Areas of Focus:

Leadership for Millennials:

What makes a leader? The Libra-scale of leadership and how to be an effective leader in today’s busy world.

Self-Image & Esteem:

How to be the BEST you! Acknowledging your weakness, but highlighting your strengths!

College Life:

According to the Institute of Education Science, young adults with a Bachelor’s Degree earn 54% more than those with a High School diploma. Learn the ABC’s of college and how to maximize your experience. Sasha teaches young adults how to get in, fit in, stand out and graduate!

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